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A 30 Second Review of "The Perfect Nanny"

The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani


I absolutely hated this book. The first chapter was disturbing, almost to the point of being depraved. I've read (and enjoyed!) my fair share of dark books, but this one just went too far and left me wondering "why would anyone write this?"

The Perfect Nanny is one of those books that starts off with the ending and then goes back to show "how we got here", so I thought it might redeem itself after that horrifying first chapter. I was sorely mistaken. I found the writing itself to be overly flowery and even hard to follow in certain parts. I also had a hard time finding the relevance in the flashbacks.

Finally, it's one of those books that abruptly ends without a conclusion, leaving the reader with the responsibility of filling in their own blanks. To me, that's just lazy writing. If I wanted to choose my own adventure or tell my own story, I would write my own book. And trust me, no one wants to read that.

Read The Perfect Nanny? Let me know what you thought!


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