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And We're Moving To..........

As I've mentioned, we're leaving the Great White North and heading south - changes in latitudes and all that. After house hunting in Jacksonville and in Houston, we've decided to move to.......................................

Favorite Jacksonville home

Favorite Houston home

Jacksonville! It honestly didn't end up being a hard decision to make; we fell in love with the resort-y feel of Florida and coastal style houses. The top-ranked school district doesn't hurt either! Once we had a destination in mind, things started to move REAL quick for us. We found a beautiful house to rent and signed a lease that starts May 1! We've got a moving truck coming May 4, so I've been busy packing, packing, packing for the past few weeks. What better time to be stuck at home, huh?

Once we're outta this house, it's going on the market, and then when we're settled in Florida, we'll start looking for our (second) forever home! I'm still leaning towards building again but am keeping an open mind. I do know that I'm beyond excited to start this next chapter of our lives (and decorate a new house!)




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