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Currently Obsessing Over (episode 1)

  • Peonies

Peony season is so short that I always feel like I have to grab 'em whenever I see 'em. They're one of the easiest flowers to arrange - stunning on their own or with some tulips mixed in!

  • Ava Grace Rosé

I'm usually a chardonnay gal, but I had this rosé at a wine tasting a couple weeks ago, and dare I say it - Ava Grace is the perfect summer drink! Light, fruity, refreshing (and affordable!)

  • Amanda Lindroth's Island Hopping

Amanda Lindroth's style is everything I want my house to be - tropical, casual-but-elegant-but-not-fussy, and whimsical with a strong punch of chinoiserie. Not only is this book beautiful with a raffia cover, but every page is better than the last.

  • Cruel Summer

Okay so I think the premise of this show is generally ridiculous and an entire police investigation into something that can't really be proven or disproven? And all of the evidence basically being he said, she said high school drama? Prolly not. But barring that, Cruel Summer has been a v enjoyable watch so far. I like the mystery, and the story is told in a very cool way - the producers do a great job of manipulating your feelings about Kate and Jeanette. One episode, you're sure Kate is lying and the next, you're convinced Jeanette is a total sociopath. I also have a love/hate relationship with having to wait a week until the next episode...I want to know what happens NOW, but I'm also weirdly enjoying the anticipation!

  • Watermelon Tote

Leave it to Kate Spade to grace us with the best summer bag ever - could this watermelon tote be any more fun??

  • Pickleball

I had never heard of pickleball until we moved to Florida, but it's like tennis played on a smaller court with wooden paddles. My husband and I recently started playing; it is SO fun and a great workout!

  • Palm Tree Chandeliers

I originally fell in love with this one from pbteen, especially in the space above(!) and then fell down a palm tree chandelier Google image rabbit hole. There are SO many cool ones. I think one would look AMAZING on our lanai, but that would likely involve taking down the ceiling fan, which in Florida, might not be the best idea... Sigh. A girl can dream.

  • Oreo the Conehead

Our cockapoo puppy, Oreo, got neutered this week. He's in great spirits, so I can't help but giggle at his conehead antics! He's been the best addition to our family - we love you Oreo!

What are y'all loving lately? Fill me in below in the comments!


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