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DIY Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Here's a super-cute and super-easy wreath to make for Easter. Best part? All the materials, except for the glue gun, are from the Dollar Tree and only cost me $9!

You'll need:

· Metal wreath form

· Two packages of Easter basket grass

· Foam Easter picks (or other accessories of your choosing)

· Glue gun - I used my low-temp glue gun to avoid potential melting issues

Working your way around the wreath form, apply an inch-long stripe of glue to each of the wreath's rings, grab a handful of grass, and stick it to the glue. Don't worry about making it look perfect - just make sure each clump of grass is stuck in place. Rinse and repeat until the whole wreath is covered in grass - try to avoid gluing the wreath to the floor like I did 🤣

At this point, you're probably gonna want to give your wreath a haircut. I held mine over the garbage, snipped off all the long pieces of grass and then kind of just trimmed around to make it a relatively uniform thickness.

Now that you have your wreath base made, the fun really begins! If you're using Dollar Tree picks, you'll want to remove the wooden sticks before gluing the foam accessories onto your wreath. But really, the world is really your oyster with the accessories - Easter eggs, a big bow, Peeps, a stuffed bunny, just to name a few ideas. Get crazy and have fun with it!


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