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DIY Woven Pendants

When we bought this house, I loved everything about it...except the light fixtures. Our house is very light and bright and airy, and the light fixtures are just NOT. They're dark, and they're heavy, and they're just very much not my style. Our kitchen pendants were a particular thorn in my side, as our house is very open and these dark, rustic but industrial (is that even a thing?), and just plain ugly pendants were on full display.

One day, I was busy scowling at them and happened to glance at a basket. LIGHTBULB. I can totes just cover the pendants with upside-down baskets and transform them into woven pendants! So I did just that.

I headed to IKEA because IKEA is a basket haven. They coincidentally had woven pendant shades, so I ended up using those but you could totally use a basket too - just add an extra step to cut a hole in the bottom!

From there, all you really have to do is slip the basket or pendant shade over your existing pendant, and BAM you have hacked woven pendants!

A couple notes and lessons learned:

  • When finagling the baskets onto my pendants, I realized that the ugly "globe" part of the pendant could be removed by just unscrewing it, leaving me with just a hanging lightbulb, which was perfect. See if your pendants are the same - much easier to cover just the lightbulb!

  • I used zip ties at the top of the basket to keep it from moving or sliding.

  • Before securing your basket, look at it from the ground and make sure the basket is low enough to completely cover the lightbulb/pendant. Uncovered lightbulbs are OBNOXIOUS to look at!

  • Someday when I'm looking for something to keep me busy (lolz), I'll probably paint or maybe Rub 'n Buff the pole thingies!

There you have it. Brand new, super on-trend pendants for the price of three baskets!

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