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Houston House Hunting

We're going to be moving from the Great White North to either Jacksonville or Houston. We're looking for a master planned community with resort-style amenities - pool, playground, tennis courts, splashpad, etc, as we're very much looking forward to being able to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. We did our Jacksonville house hunt earlier this year and wrapped up Houston a couple weeks ago. Here's what we found deep in the heart of Texas!

  • Development 1 - I really liked this development - an up-and-coming Master Planned Community with great amenities - but my husband thought it felt a little too remote and too woods-y.

  • Developments 2, 3, and 4 - These communities were even MORE remote so nope, nope and nope!

  • Development 5 - This community is in the area we think we'd want to be in, but all of the houses were really not our style - very dark, very stone-y. Our style is more light, bright, and airy. Also, the community is huge, so it definitely wouldn't be the simple walk or golf cart ride to the pool that we're looking for.

  • Development 6 - This development was beautiful - gorgeous houses, great amenities but totally out in the sticks. Cross it off the list!

  • Development 7 - The heavens sang when we entered this community. It's everything we're looking for - not in the middle of nowhere(!), pools, tennis courts, beautiful homes, playgrounds - everything! The house style is a nice mix of traditional and French country, with a little bit of Mediterranean mixed in. It's in a good school district and close to tons of restaurants ('cuz some day we'll be able to leave our houses again...right?) and shopping. Best of all...LAZY RIVER. Win, win, win!

So there you have it - our Houston house hunt! Where do you think we're going to choose - Jacksonville or Houston?

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