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How To Fall In Love With Laundry Day

Which, let's be honest, is every day when you have kids. If there's a chore you're going to be doing every day, why not make it a truly enjoyable experience?

Frey sent me several of their laundry products to test out, and dare I say it, they kind of actually make me look forward to doing laundry. Their products are designed to just be better - better for you and better for the planet. Let's talk about how Frey products are better:


All Frey's products are made without harsh chemicals, using the highest quality materials - safe for your family and safe for your most delicate clothes. I've found that the detergent performs just as well as the "big guys", the dryer sheets leave clothes SO soft, and the stain remover works the first time, every time. I have a two year old and a seven month old, so I'm no stranger to stains...


The formula is super concentrated (which means eco-friendly), and a tree is planted for every order placed!


The formulation and environmental impact are great and all, but what made me truly fall in love with Frey products is their scent. As you may know, I can be REAL weird about smells, especially smells that "stick" - namely facial products and laundry products. I started buying only unscented detergent and dryer sheets because my clothes always had this weird, chemical-y, soap-y smell that accosted my nose ALL.DAY.LONG. Even the unscented stuff smells sometimes (hello, I'm crazy). Anywho. Frey products smell INCREDIBLE. They have a distinctly masculine scent that I especially love on towels and sheets and make my house smell amazing while the dryer is running. Frey will even send you a free sample of each fragrance to test out!

Do something nice for yourself and check out Frey. You'll find yourself saying "ahhhh, laundry day!"

Head over to my Instagram and enter to win a Frey starter kit, containing detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, wrinkle releaser, and room freshener in their delicious sandalwood, bergamot, and clove scent!


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