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The Greatest Pantry Organization Hack EVER

I know it's a bold statement, but hear me out. My biggest pantry woe was the amount of space I was wasting. I was using neat little acrylic bins, as us basic millennials do, until I realized that there are few things sadder than five granola bars in a giant bin with a foot of wasted space above them! But short of leaving things in boxes (THE HORROR) and piling the boxes on top of each other (THE HORRORx2), there was really no solution for my problem. I moped around until I happened to glance at the drawers where I store batteries and stick lighters. Enter the stackable drawer and the problems it addresses:

  • Vertical space - stack them as high as your shelves allow to take advantage of all the space that would otherwise be wasted above a bin

  • Various sizes - every Tom, Dick, and Harry of the retailer world carries stackable bins, which means that the size you're looking for exists somewhere out there. As always, before ordering organization implements, MEASURE FIRST! Length, width, AND depth - you don't want to buy drawers, only to find that they're deeper than your shelves!

  • Perfect for snacks - the size I have is perfect to hold one or two boxes of granola bars, mini muffins, fruit snacks, oatmeal, or whatever other snack my kids decide they're into this week, without a ton of overflow

  • Versatile - per my previous comment, my kids' tastes change on the daily. Not into oatmeal this month? Fill that drawer with mini muffins instead!

  • Easy to label - we all know I love a fancy Cricut label, but they tend to be pretty permanent, especially for drawers that might be constantly changing. I've started using a chalk marker (hot pink, of course) to label my drawers. Mini muffins instead of oatmeal this week? Just wipe clean your oatmeal label and replace with mini muffins! Labels also make it v. challenging for kids and husbands to complain that they "don't know where the fruit snacks are"

My homework for you: take a look in your pantry and see if there's anything that would be better stored in stackable drawers. For my family, it's mostly snacks, but every pantry is different. On that note, I'll leave you with something that may sound like a hard truth but should ultimately be encouraging...don't expect your pantry to look like a Pinterest pantry. Unless your family only eats Zatarain's and hot sauce then you can totally have a pantry that looks like this.

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