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Trick Your Toddler Into Cleaning Up With ZIPIT

Anyone else struggling to get your kids organized? (Raises hand) Look no further than ZIPIT! They make the most innovative pouches, pencil cases, and lunch bags (oh my!), and the bright colors and designs are perfect for kids.

As you may know, I have a two-year-old, Sophie. As you may also know, two-year-olds are TORNADOES. They enter a clean room and leave ten minutes later with crayons, Peppa Pig figurines, and other small items strewn about in their wake of destruction, but as I mentioned in my post about color-coding bookshelves, toddlers can be tricked into putting things where they go. We love turning clean up time into a game, using two things toddlers love - colors and containers. ZIPIT products are so perfect for a game of "put all your crayons in the unicorn box", which brings you right back to your pre-tornado room.

The other thing ZIPIT makes that we've been seriously loving at House Easy Life, Happy Wife is the Grillz backpack, which ZIPIT was kind enough to gift us. This fun and unique backpack has become Sophie's "school" (read: daycare) bag, and because toddlers are possessive AF, she is obsessed with HER backpack and with getting it ready for school. Every morning, she runs to get her backpack and packs all the pockets with her daily necessities and other trinkets, and you know what one less responsibility for mom means - extra time for coffee YAASSSSSS!

ZIPIT is the perfect solution for all your kids' organization needs. With all their storage and organization options, your kids will not only be able to get organized but STAY organized. Now if only I could get my husband to stay or even get organized...

Click here for 15% off full-priced items, using code SUMMER15!


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