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We're moving!

Tim's family business brought us to Michigan from Chicago six years ago. It's a stunningly beautiful town, but it's also small and remote and COLD, which is why I (semi) affectionately refer to it as "The Great White North".

Long story short - my husband sold the business in December. There is no longer anything keeping us here, so we're packing up and heading for greener, warmer pastures! I can work from anywhere, so we're in a very unique position in that we have no geographical restrictions. We know we want to be somewhere with a family or friend base, which leaves us with Chicago, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Houston.

My family is in Chicago, but I don't want to live in the city again, my husband doesn't want to live in the suburbs, and...winter. My brother and SIL live in Atlanta, and it's warm(!) but it's fairly expensive.

Tim used to live in Jacksonville and still has a lot of good friends there, and my parents live in Houston part-time. Both cities are also affordable and warm! We're on the hunt for a resort-style master planned community, and once we've seen what each city has to offer, we'll choose the community that we think best suits our family's needs!

So there you have it - the (very much abridged) story of how we got to where are today. If you guys have any thoughts or ideas about areas to check out in Houston or Jacksonville, please pass them my way. In the meantime, we'll be saying a not-so-tearful farewell to The Great White North!



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