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How to Have your S*#& Together (or at least pretend to)

Being a mom is hard. I won't speak for all of us, but I personally never have less than 9,875 things on my mind, 932 things on my to do list, and 4 things I've already forgotten to do. SO. I decided to start a series called "How to Have your S*#& Together (or at least pretend to)" - simple tips, tricks, and hacks to get it together. Or make all the other moms in the school drop off line THINK you have it together...

This is kind of a random place to start with this series, but I had this idea for post before I had the idea to make it into a series so here we are.

It might be the Emily Post in me, but I think there's something so nice and so special about receiving a handwritten note, and it's one of those things that, for some reason, gives the illusion of having it all together. "Oh how nice of her...what a pretty card!...How DOES she do it all? I wish I could be just like her!" I might be exaggerating with that last part, but I think we're all agreed that there's something weirdly impressive about receiving a handwritten note. For example:

  • Thank you for a gift (a must, really) or even just a favor

  • The birth of a baby

  • Included with a teacher gift

  • A death in the family

  • Just a plain, old "thinking of you"

So my advice to you...Always keep a stash of pretty, blank cards on hand.

Why do I need to keep a stash on hand and how is it going to make my life easier? Think about it. You realize you need a card. You then have to remember to put it on a list, you have to remember to take that list to a store, and you have to remember to buy said card. That's three things right there that I can (and likely will) forget to do. Isn't it way easier to reach into your junk drawer (or stationery drawer if you're nuts like me) and pull one out right then and there? And being blank, it can be used for any occasion! Easy peasy.

If nothing else, letting someone know that you appreciate them or are thinking of them is just a genuinely nice thing to do, and we all know the world could use a little more kindness.

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