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How To Update Your Front Door Decor Without Spending A Fortune

I LOVE switching up my porch decor for different seasons and holidays, especially the wreath on my front door. It's such an easy way to bring some color to your exterior and can fit any decor style.

So of course when we moved across the country, I brought all my beloved wreaths with us and then realized...OUR RENTAL HOUSE HAS DOUBLE FRONT DOORS. I only have one of each wreath. Hanging a wreath on only one door would make me twitchy, and we're only going to be here for a year, so I don't want to spend a whole bunch of money on wreaths I'm not going to be able to use once we our house is built, but I would still like to be able to have seasonal wreaths. Dilemma.

I put on my thinking cap and finally came up with a solution - two plain faux boxwood wreaths. The beauty of boxwood is that it looks great on its own but can also be dressed up for different seasons or holidays - something as simple as a checked ribbon or something as elaborate as glittery top hats and firework picks for the Fourth of July (stay tuned for that DIY!)

Two pieces of advice before I let you go:

Boxwood - If you're using boxwood outside, I recommend going with the faux, plasticky kind. Most preserved boxwood isn't recommended for outdoor use and can stain surfaces green if exposed to the elements.

Wreath size - Make sure your front door wreaths are big enough, regardless of whether you have a single door or double. The rule of thumb I try to abide by is at least a 22" wreath for a standard 36" door - bigger can be okay but anything smaller can look dwarfed. I was really hoping I could get away with 18" wreaths on this house, but they looked laughably small, which kinda stinks because bigger ones can be kind of hard to come by.

I've linked a couple of large faux boxwood wreaths below and also a few other neutral favorites!

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