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A Fun End of Year Gift for Your Favorite Teacher

Looking for a cute (but actually useful!) teacher gift? I gotchu boo! I love the idea of mugs cuz if you're going to be subjected to my preschooler's attitude all day, you're But I'm sure that's how every mom feels, and that's how teachers end up with a mountain of mugs. And summer is approaching. Hot drinks - out. Cold drinks - in. Enter the personalized insulated cup! I chose a tumbler, but you could totally do a travel mug or even a wine glass. (This one was a gift for a friend, not a teacher, but still - SUPER cute on a wine glass!)

I followed this thought process to come up with the design..."I don't want these cups to be cutesy omgTEACHER! designs; I want them to be cool cups...something a hip 20-something wouldn't be embarrassed to bring to the beach or something you can bring out to your porch without it screaming HEY I'M A TEACHER! I'm a cool mom, dagnabbit! Teachers at my girls' school go by Miss so-and-so, and I don't totally feel comfortable calling them by just their first names...aha! We're going to make the "Miss" tiny and subtle, but make their first names large in a glorious calligraphy font!" I actually had this conversation with my husband, but it was really just me word-vomiting the above and him nodding with a somewhat concerned look on his face. Y'all been there?

As far as Cricut projects go, this one is super easy. The hardest part for me was finding the fonts and spacing that I liked, but hey, I did that for you! My favorite Cricut calligraphy font is Annie Leu, but I prefer the custom free fonts that I've found on various corners of the internets. (Future post: how to find and add custom fonts to your Cricut projects!) I used a custom font called Magnolia Sky for my actual cups but used Annie Leu in the project linked below to make it universally accessible. Since I wanted Miss to be pretty inconspicuous, I chose the very generic CG Symphony Regular font. Once you have your text created, play around with lowercase vs uppercase letters, the location of your "miss", the size of your letters, etc. I tend to like all lowercase with a larger first letter and the "miss" tucked into that letter, but that doesn't necessarily work with all names, so get creative here! From there, it's as simple as Make It, weeding, and transfer tape - easy peasy.

The great thing about a cup is that you can fill it with extra goodies; I like gift cards, fancy-schmancy chocolates, and a hand-written note that conveys how much we truly appreciate all our wonderful teachers!

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